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      Hospital - VFA SolutionsPreventing patient infections isn’t top of mind in many hospitals. Many hospitals in the Netherlands need to clean and disinfect better. This is the conclusion of the Health Care Inspection (IGZ) after researching 25 Dutch hospitals.

      Since the research in 2013, the situation has significantly improved. However, there is still much room for improvement. The IGZ indicates that in 22 of the 25 hospitals which have been inspected, too little is being done to prevent patient infections. Examples include not following and/or understanding the rules in and around an isolation room and not adequately monitoring the presence of resistant bacteria on patients who are being submitted. More than half of the inspected hospitals have been told they need to clean and disinfect better.

      In addition to direct body and surface contact, the spread of airborne germs is a potential risk. Failure to adequately replace the filters in air purifiers and ventilation systems, the incorrect use of air cleaning and the use of inferior air purifiers/filters are focus points in hospitals. Air purification in hospitals can certainly be seen as a complementary measure in preventing the spread of infections.

      In a hospital, it is of great importance that filters in the air purification system are replaced in a timely manner. If these are not replaced regularly, many air purification systems will clog, resulting in a decreased supply of fresh and clean air and a decreased extraction of polluted air. This results in a bigger exposure to pathogens as well as an increased energy bill. Next to this, moisture in the ventilation system may cause mold growth in the filters, creating polluted air instead of purified air.

      VFA Solutions understands the value and importance of clean and healthy air and has therefore taken the above mentioned into account in the development of our air purifiers. We aim providing hospitals not only with air purification systems, but also with maintenance contracts. Hereby making sure filter replacement occurs regularly and on time, unburdening the hospital.

      The VFA Solutions air purifiers make use of highly efficient, but also open collectors (particle filters), guarantying a constant air supply and extraction, as well as a low and constant energy bill. The collectors in the air purifier are made of plastic, so there is no mold growth possible in the filter medium. The system will therefore always distribute purified and clean air.

      All installations are being checked and measured after completion and during maintenance, guarantying a correct operation. Thanks to its patented technology, one can rely on an effective and efficient air purifier.

      Would you like to receive more information or discuss the possibilities for air purification in your hospital? Please contact us.

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