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      The heating season is beginning and people are starting to heat their homes with their fireplace. People are often not aware that fireplaces emit large amounts of particulate matter, which is harmful to your health. This particulate matter will spread throughout the home of those using the fireplace and will also enter the homes of those in the nearby surroundings.

      The particulate matter originating from fireplaces produces the typical open fire smell, which can create nuisance. More importantly, the particulate matter itself is harmful to your health. Because particulate matter is so small, smaller than 1/5th to 1/20th of a human hair, it can easily enter your lungs and can even enter your bloodstream. Research shows particulate matter causes health risks, such as allergies, decreased lung function, asthma, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.

      Recently, a health organisation in the Netherlands, the GGD researched the emissions of fireplaces and their results support known health risks. The GGD has therefore announced to contact the government in The Hague to plea for national regulations to reduce nuisance caused by fireplaces and to make this punishable by law. Furthermore, they have created tips (in Dutch) for the use of fireplaces. They mention for example not using fireplaces as a main source of heating, not to use fireplaces during foggy or windless weather and to only use wood that has been dried for 1 to 2 years.

      Even with the implementation of these tips it is important to use protection against particulate matter from fireplaces. Using a standard F filter in your HVAC system is not enough, as particulate matter is not efficiently captured by these filters. Therefore, VFA Solutions advises to implement an ASPRA air purifier in your ventilation system or in your indoor space. Our air purifiers remove 97-99% of all particles that go through our appliances. This results in clean and healthy air. Take a look at our Reciruclation air purifiers, which can be used as a stand-alone unit in your room or view the ASPRA S INduct and our other INduct air purifiers for air purification in your ventilation system.




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