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      Friday September 15th and Saturday the 16th was the official opening of Kipster, the most animal and environmental friendly chicken farm in the world. The chicken farm is unique in its focus on the welfare of animals and the environment. As part of this focus, Kipster paid a lot of attention to the air quality in the chicken farm itself. The starting point was healthier air for chicken and farmer. This has been achieved by installing eight ASPRA Agro recirculation air purifiers. The ASPRA air purifiers clean the air in the chicken farm, directly at the source, reducing the particulate matter concentration INSIDE the farm with 40-45%. Resulting in a reduction in dust, emission, smell and diseases and providing healthier air for animal and farmer.

      In addition to traffic, intensive farming and livestock farming are important air pollution sources. Air purification in the farm itself, where animals and farmer are exposed to air pollution, is therefore important. With the introduction of the ASPRA Agro air purifier from VFA Solutions, dealer SmitsAgro, supplier for the agricultural sector, opened up the market. The ASPRA Agro air purifier removes all kinds of air pollutants from the air. This includes viruses, bacteria, coarse dust and particulate matter. Microbes, such as Bovine Adenovirus, E. Coli bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus and Yersinia enterocolitica, which frequently occur in cattle and chickens, are permanently removed from the air. Resulting in better air quality in the farm itself.

      At Kipster, eight ASPRA Agro air purifiers provide healthier air quality in the chicken farm. The energy costs and maintenance of air cleaners are minimal and they are self-cleaning. As a result, the farmer can focus on business and there is no need for expensive filter replacement.

      Air quality is important and is becoming more important every day. Milieudefensie, a Dutch environmental organisation, won a lawsuit in the beginning of September against the Dutch government forcing the government to provide healthy air for their subjects. “Every year, thousands of people die due to air pollution and an increasing number of them become ill due to harmful emissions,” says Anne Knol of Milieudefensie. Breathing in air pollution must be avoided as much as possible. This is achieved through regulation on the one hand and on the other hand through the use of air purifiers.

      Curious about how the most animal and environmentally friendly chicken farm looks like or do you want to see the ASPRA Agro air purifier at Kipster? Check out the videos below or read the interview with John van Drunen, owner of SmitsAgro and dealer of the ASPRA Agro, at pluimveeweb.nl. Contact us or dealer SmitsAgro for more information about the ASPRA Agro air purifier or take a look at the ASPRA Agro product page on our site.

      Watch the Kipster broadcast as broadcasted by RTL7 below (from 20 sec).

      Read the interview of Pluimveeweb.nl with Dealer SmitsAgro (Dutch)

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