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      In addition to technologies for air purification, VFA has recently developed a decentralized energy-efficient ventilation system. Flexibility, quality and cost effectiveness were the focus points during the development of the system.
      During the first years after the foundation of VFA the product development was mainly focused on air cleaning (filtration). This means, the removal of contamination from (indoor) air.

      Through its highly developed R&D department VFA has extensive knowledge of air quality in- house. Therefore it was a logical step for us to expand focus towards ventilation. Ventilation means replacing used indoor air with fresh air.

      Ventilation is necessary to maintain sufficient oxygen levels, favorable temperatures and comfortable humidity. In other words, it is of great importance in order to remove organic emissions such as CO₂, and in order to release excess heat.

      As a result of traffic, industrial emissions and high building density in urban areas outdoor can contain high concentrations of ultrafine particles. This polluted air is continuously sucked in by ventilation systems. Without proper filtration, much of the air pollution will end up in indoor after entering through the ventilation system. Besides, harmful particles can concentrate easier in indoor than in outdoor air. Ventilation system that tackle the latter problem in an efficient way are hardly available as a result of high costs (energy and materials), lack of adequate techniques or lack of attention concerning the potential health risks.

      VFA has effectively combined its knowledge on filtration techniques and flow dynamics with the concept of ventilation. The result? An intelligent climate system (self-regulatory) that ventilates, filtrates and circulates air based upon accurately measured values. Due to very low pressure drop, demand-driven control and high quality filtration the system is very energy efficient, comfortable and healthy.

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