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      American researchers have found long-term exposure to elevated levels of particulate matter (PM2.5) has an effect on the human brain. Their results show the higher the levels of particulate matter are, the smaller the total brain volume becomes.

      Participants in the study originated from the New England region, were at least 60 years old, were all healthy and were not suffering from dementia or any strokes. The brains of the participants were scanned and this data was viewed next to the levels of particulate matter in the area of their home. This research is remarkable, because in the past only the effect of large particulate matter was researched (PM10). Now we know the smaller particulates are, the more danger it can cause to your health.

      Elissa H. Wilker et all. Mentions as a conclusion to the research “Exposure to elevated levels of PM2,5 was associated with smaller total cerebral brain volume, a marker of age-associated brain atrophy, and with higher odds of covert brain infarcts. These findings suggest that air pollution is associated with insidious effects on structural brain aging even in dementia- and stroke-free persons.”

      It is therefore beneficial to reduce the levels of PM2.5 in your home and workplace. You can do this by implementing air purification in your indoor spaces. VFA air purifiers remove 95-99% of the air pollution from the air, including particulate matter (PM2.5 and even ultrafine particulate matter). If your building is equipped with a ventilation system, you can implement an INduct air purifier or a complete new ventilation system including air purification. If your building is not equipped with a ventilation system and you do not want to implement one, you can use recirculation air purification in an individual room. Take a look at our products for more information or contact us for advice.