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      Underground car parks are known to have high concentration of pollutants as particulate matter (PM) and gases as NOx, resulting from cars exhaust emissions and rubber from tires.

      Exhausted air from the garages can form a risk of pollution in urban regions as well as hazardous health and comfort impact to neighbouring inhabitants.

      VFA Solutions ESP&F custom unique and innovative systems were designed and implemented in the Kooldok Q-Park underground parking in Antwerp, Belgium. The projects was financed by Q-Park and the City of Antwerp as they both aim to create and maintain a healthy and clean city.

      The VFA systems are designed to filter and purify all exhausted air from all particulate matter even the PM1 and ultra-fine and nano-particles with at least 90% efficiency.

      Unique innovation and first in the world!


      The result:
      Neighbours in the region are happy and safe. The upper ground park is defined as green, clean and safe zone in which playgrounds for kids and art works are exhibited and used.

      Involved parties and project partners: