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      The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment have announced new regulations (Besluit emissiearme huisvesting) regarding the emission concentrations of particulate matter and ammonia for the housing in poultry farms.

      What does this mean?

      “The Besluit emissiearme huisvesting” determines animal housing should be low-emission, when low-emission housing is available. The decree contains maximum emission levels: only housing with an emission factor that is less than or equal to the maximum emission values are permitted. The maximum emission (ammonia/particulate matter) are for dairy cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and ducks.”[1]

      Who need to comply to the rules?

      • New stables
      • Stables that are being replaced
      • Stables that are being expanded

      Take a look at the information provided by the Kenniscentrum InfoMil for more information about the new emission rules.

      What to do if your emission values are exceeding the concentrations of the decree?

      Contact VFA Solutions when this is the case. VFA Solutions has developed the ASPRA Agro specifically for high demanding air purification needs, such as air purification in poultry farms. The system drastically reduces the particulate matter emission and will allow you not to exceed the maximum values.

      [1] Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

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