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      The Dutch government has decided that the poultry sector must reduce the particulate matter (PM) emissions rigorously within ten years. Existing stables should reduce particulate matter emissions by 50%, new stables will have to meet a 70% reduction requirement.

      Research showed particulate matter of poultry farms is detrimental to the health effects of residents. They are more likely to suffer from decreased lung function and get more infections. Pneumonia is very common.

      At NOS.nl, Eric Hubers, chairman of Poultry farm at LTO Netherlands, indicates that switching from battery cages to range chickens is the cause of high particulate matter emissions. “In battery cages, you hardly had any emissions, but with range chickens there is a layer of litter where the chickens can bathe in and that dust leaves the stable. The consumer prefers range chickens, the particulate matter is a detrimental result of this better animal welfare.”

      This does not mean that solutions are not sought. This does not mean people do not look for solutions. The ASPRA Agro air purifier is one of those solutions. Hubers continues “Filter techniques and ionization are being used to remove dust from the air. It is also examined whether we can use a thinner layer of litter in the stables, where chickens can still bathe in.”

      The ASPRA Agro is an air purifier that easily realizes the required reduction. This can be realized by using multiple air purifiers in the stable or by using the Agro as an end-of-pipe solution. Click here for more information or contact our partner Smits Agro.

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