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      VFA EcoVent air purifier 

      Gas and odour filtration

      Benefits of the VFA EcoVent

      • Capacity of 900 m3/h
      • Efficient purification of emission air
      • Removes gases and odours from the air
      • Silent
      • Modular system adaptable to the necessary capacity
      • Low energy consumption and therefore cost efficient
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        Product description

        The VFA EcoVent is a modular product designed to improve indoor air quality by removing smells and harmful gases from indoor air before being released into the environment. It is perfect for emission reduction. The VFA EcoVent will, with the use of VFA Active Carbon, absorb unwanted smells and gases from the air. The air purifier will be connected to the ventilation ducts that transport the purified air outside. The air purifier is a modular system and can be composed according to your air purification needs. The VFA EcoVent comes standard with 9 cartridges, providing a capacity of 900 m3/h. By adding more cartridges, the effectiveness and capacity will be raised.

        VFA Solutions offers 3 product versions: the standard version, the Smart version and the Pro version. The data sheet indicates which versions are available. Click here to read what the differences between the product versions are.


        • Production facilities
        • Medical clinics
        • Laboratories
        • Hospitality facilities
        • Storage facilities
        • Logistic centres
        • And more

        The VFA EcoVent is effective for:

        • Gases / all VOC’s with a boiling point ≥ cyclohexane (such as fuels, dissolvent, toluene, xylene etc.)
        • Odours (such as odours originating from the kitchen, sweat, production processes etc.)

        VFA Solutions offers standard VFA Active Carbon Filtration, removing all above mentioned VOC’s. Next to this, it is possible to order different VFA Active Carbon Filters / Cartridges, which target specific gases. If you are experiencing a gas or odour issue, it is best to contact us so the correct VFA Active Carbon can be selected.