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      Air Quality Measurements

      Indoor Air QualityAir quality measurements are important when you do not know if the indoor air quality of your facility is healthy, if you want to track the indoor air quality or if you want to identify the effectiveness of your indoor air quality measures. VFA Solutions is an expert in indoor air quality and can perform these measurements for you.

      If you have already chosen to implement VFA Solutions air purifiers in your room / facility, we still advise you to measure the indoor air quality before implementation. It is important to measure the indoor air quality before the implementation of an air purifier, because you can identify problem areas and pollution sources. With the results, VFA Solutions can offer you the best product fit that actually solves your specific air quality issues.

      How are the measurements performed?

      VFA Solutions follows the VLA protocol of TNO during the air quality measurements. VFA will firstly visit your facility with mobile measurement equipment to identify the crucial indoor air quality points. The next step is to measure the indoor air quality for 1-2 weeks. Below, you can see what kind of parameters we will measure. Additionally, we will identify internal influences.


      Our equipement will measure the following parameters:

      • Identify the air quality issue(s)
        Concentration and level of:
        – Particle concentration (also nano-particles)
        – Air speed and capacity
        – Gases and emissions
        – Temperature
        – Relative humidity
        – Elektromagnetic radiation
        – Optional biological agents
      • Identify the source(s) of the air quality issue(s)

      Identify internal influences

      VFA will identify the controllable internal influences, focussed on:

      • How does the building influences the indoor air quality? 
      • How does (re)ventilation occur at this moment? 
      • How do the users interact with the current air filtration system? 


      The results of the air quality measurements and of the internal influences are combined into one report. In this report, VFA Solutions will advise the best solution to your specific situation. This can incorporate a ventilation advise and/or a product advise.

      If it is necessary to implement air purification to improve the indoor air quality of your room / facility, we advise to measure the indoor air quality after implementation as well. By doing so, you can identify the level of indoor air quality improvement.