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      Custom solutions

      Development VFA Solutions

      VFA Solutions is the partner for custom air quality product development. VFA regularly works closely together with external partners, customers and users. This makes it possible for us to focus on the development of optimal solutions that meet the requirements of the market and the customer.

      The flexibility of our technologies and our expertise makes it possible to develop different products and solutions so we can offer our customers complete concepts and products. This results in being able to guarantee a high indoor air quality and satisfied customers.

      In this process, we are making optimal use of our high in-house knowledge, our own patented technologies and the expertise of our partners. Offering optimal customized solutions that meet the requirements.

      Focus points during the process

      • Needs of the customer
      • Legal guidelines
      • Feasibility of the technique, concepts and final product
      • Technical effectivity
      • Environmental impact
      • User interaction
      • Integration with the infrastructure of the facility
      • Added value and unique selling point


      Product development areas

      • Air purification and filtration
      • Ventilation and climate systems
      • Affordable, reliable and user friendly measurement equipment and control systems for measuring the indoor air quality
      • Optimization of existing ventilation systems, specialised in HVAC systems
      • Integration of VFA Solutions products in other green concepts