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      Productivity VFA SolutionsResearch has shown that the doubling of the fan speed produces an increase of an average of 101% in cognitive performance. The biggest improvements were seen in emergency response (+ 131%), information processing (+ 299%) and strategic thinking (+ 288%).

      By doubling ventilation rate, energy costs per person per year will be increased on average € 13, – to € 36, -. However, this will lead to € 5930, – increased productivity per year per person.

      Correctly ventilating will not only result in an increase in productivity, but it will also improve the health of you and your employees. In addition to a sufficient supply of fresh air, it is very important that the supplied air is clean and healthy. This can be reached by removing traffic emissions, emissions from industry, bacteria, pollen and viruses from the air before distributing the air through your building. Making it possible for you to breathe in clean and healthy air.

      For an ideal air quality solution, check out our ASPRA INduct air purifiers, to integrate into existing ventilation ducts, our ASPRA Recirculation air purifiers, which can be used as a standalone air purifier, or our ASPRA Ventilation systems. Not sure which solution is right for you? Please contact us for personal advice.



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