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      Cooking and particulate matter - VFA SolutionsResearch from TNO (an independent Dutch research organisation) shows high fine particulate matter concentrations are released during cooking and that these concentrations stay airborne for a long period. This is occurring, because the fine particulate matter is not extracted properly by the kitchen exhaust. Hereby, one is exposed to high fine particulate matter concentrations, which can create health risks. TNO Researchers Pieter Jacobs and Wouter Borsboom therefore mention that the current ventilation standards for kitchen extraction systems in homes are not sufficient and do not meet the desired health requirements. This is especially true for airtight homes.

      During the study, the researchers looked at the fine particulate matter concentrations released while baking chicken, bacon and eggs, bacon pancakes, steak, kebab and during gourmet. Cooking many of these dishes even resulted in higher fine particulate matter concentrations than the concentrations measured indoors during New Year’s Eve.

      The TNO study concludes the amount of fine particulate matter (originating from outdoors) is lower indoors compared to outdoors. “However cooking with insufficient kitchen exhaust creates a higher indoor exposure to fine particulate matter compared to the outdoor exposure, hereby exceeding the WHO advised concentrations”.

      It is therefore paramount to take this into account in the development of the kitchen ventilation standards in the future. For now, it is important to turn on the kitchen fan at the highest level while cooking. Hereby extracting as much fine particulate matter from the home.

      To reduce the fine particulate matter concentrations resulting from cooking activities to a healthy level, one can implement air purifiers in the home. By using air purifiers in your home, the fine particulate matter originating from cooking activities as well as particulate matter originating from outdoors, will be removed from the air and will reduce the exposure period.

      This can easily be realised by implementing the ASPRA Poco (for usage in a separate kitchen of small living rooms) or the ASPRA Aura (for usage in open kitchens and average to large living rooms). Both air purifiers very efficiently (>97%) remove particulate matter up to ultrafine particulate matter from the air.

      The ASPRA Poco and the ASPRA Aura are plug-and-play air purifiers, which can be placed on top of a cabinet or table. Position the air purifier there where you have the need for air purification. Plug it in the socket, turn on the air purifier and breathe in clean and healthy air.

      For more information about the air purifiers, please visit the product page of the ASPRA Poco and the ASPRA Aura. Is the information that you are looking for not displayed on the page? Contact us and we will gladly inform you.


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