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      “Clean and Safe Air is a Right for Everyone, Everywhere” 


      Who is VFA Solutions?

      Virus Free Air (VFA) / VFA Solutions is an innovative authority in the field of air cleaning and air purification. VFA focuses on developing clean, healthy and green technologies in the field of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

      VFA is an expert in indoor air quality and filtration technologies and therefore focuses on air cleaning and disinfection of hazardous air contaminants such as: fine particles (e.g. dust and particulate matter), diesel and fuel particles (ultrafine particles) and biological air contaminants, called bio-aerosols such as bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi and more. In addition, we develop various technologies for sustainable ventilation for buildings, industries, agricultural and sensitive infrastructures.


      VFA missie:

      “Improving and saving people’s lives while protecting the environment and saving costs”

      VFA is constantly looking for innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to the increasing problems of indoor and outdoor air quality, energy consumption and sick building syndrome. In this way, VFA offers solutions for people, animals and the environment.

      The aim is to provide clean, safe, healthy and comfortable indoor air everywhere. That is why VFA is profiled as a HealthTech and CleanTech company.

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      VFA Solutions is an expert in measuring, recognizing and creating optimal air quality. We do this by:

      • Audit and Analysis
      • IAQ Measurements
      • CFD Simulations and Modeling
      • Risk Analysis
      • Design and Delivery of the Solutions
      • Validation
      • Maintenance and After Sales

      VFA Solutions distinguishes itself from its competitors because our knowledge is located in-house. VFA also has close alliances with expert companies and research institutes so that we can offer a 1 stop shop for our customers and strategic partners.

      Not only does VFA design its own proven products and technologies, VFA also extensively validates them in the laboratory and in the field. VFA’s technologies and products have been recognized with various national and international innovation awards.

      VFA also innovates and creates new technologies and patents and conducts various researches using the high level of expertise and creativity within the team. In this way we create sustainable added value for our customers and contribute to raising awareness of air quality and the health of buildings.



      VFA Solutions is part of the Virus Free Air organisation.  

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      VFA was founded in 2007 as a spin-off of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands. VFA started as a member of the Technostarters group of YES!Delft (the Young Entrepreneurs Society of Delft University of Technology). Meanwhile the company has grown into a successful SME with a unique portfolio based on our own technologies and in-house expertise.

      VFA Solutions pursues the VFA mission, so everyone can breathe in clean and healthy air everywhere.


      Our Approach

      Integrating engineering at the highest level with the newest, most innovative and state-of-the-art technologies. VFA Solutions is dedicated to understand your needs and necessities and supply the most optimal solutions for you.

      Every solution and element are specially engineered for your sector and needs. Combining expertise in measurements, auditing, ventilation and purification solutions and high-end hardware standards with our custom designed software, we offer the best indoor and outdoor environmental control solution within the industry, removing approximately >99% of all particles such as aerosols, particulate matter, odours, harmful pathogens and gases threatening health, environment, processes and profit.

      VFA Solutions is dedicated to fully and truly understand your industry and delves into industry specific challenges. VFA Solutions is your 1 stop shop for all your air quality needs. Get in touch!