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      “The measured performance in this test are much better then that of other systems in similar studies. It really proves that even in the daily practice of a childcare facility air purification systems can result in a significant reduction of particulate matter concentrations”

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      TNO researcher

      Researcher, TNO

      “We live about 70 meter next to the highway. Although there is a row of trees between our house and the A73, we were wondering if it would be beneficial to purchase an air cleaner. Not only because of the highway, but also because we often light up the fireplace in the winter. We worried about how much particulate matter was present in the air we and our children were breathing in each day.

      After researching the Internet, we discovered Virus Free Air. They have air cleaner filters which also filter, opposite to many cheap filters, ultra-fine particulate matter which otherwise enter your lungs and can create cancer. This was exactly the solution what we were looking for. We are very pleased with the fact that we do not have to worry about the safety of the air in our house anymore.”

      D. Majer

      Consumer, ASPRA Aura owner

      Everything goes as desired. ASPRA is performing good. He purifies my bedroom during the day and at purifies my living room at night. He is a bit noisy, but is turned on when I’m not at home. I have 2 more filters. The other 3 have become dark grey. I’m really sleeping better.

      B. Visser

      Consumer, ASPRA Poco owner

      “VFA investigated and helped to improve the air quality in specific workshop’s within the YES!Delft incubation centre. In these workshops high concentrations of pollutants may be expected. Therefore, the ASPRA room air cleaners were installed. As a result, adequate and pleasant working conditions in the workshops.”


      “HEY installed several ASPRA systems in their workshop as an extra protection measure for employees against welding fumes and pollutions from laser cutting. The results were considerably better working conditions.”