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      Clean and Safe Air in classrooms

      It is not always easy to adequately ventilate a classroom. It often concerns older buildings where installing a ventilation system is associated with high costs. Opening windows and doors seems to be the simplest solution. But this leads to higher energy costs and – especially in winter – an unpleasant classroom.

      Besides, opening windows in large cities and next to busy roads or in industrial region can in addition to obvious noise issues, it can result in the penetration of pollutants from outdoors to indoors. While this may reduce the CO2 levels in the class, the particulate matter (PM) concentration may drastically increase, creating an unhealthy situation.

      By implementing effective air purification with the ASPRA teachers and students can enjoy clean air and comfortable environment, while management can achieve major savings on energy/heat-loss and absence of staff.

      The impact of the ASPRA was clear to users: avoid feeling cold due to open windows, less symptoms of flue, less symptoms of hay fever and clear lower concentration of particulate matter (PM).

      Also several pilots and test projects have also been executed in cooperation with our distributors and external research institutes.  Great results in all tests, indicating the major impact of the ASPRA on clear air and indoor environment.

      Positive results after 6 months of measurements

      In January 2022, all primary schools in Edegem in Belgium received air purification devices. To limit the number of corona infections, an air purifier was placed in each room. These air purifiers ensure a healthy indoor climate.

      The University of Antwerp investigated how effectively this also stops the spread of the coronavirus.

      After six months of measurement, there is a clear positive influence of air purifiers in the classrooms.

      The rapport is available upon request.

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