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      On 21 and 22 May, the yearly CBRNE Europe Event takes place in the World Forum Convention Centre in The Hague.

      During this event, experts, end users, policy makers and players from the industry specializing in CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear and explosive) threat come together.

      There will be speakers from the European Union, similar FP7 projects and innovative (SME) companies. Experiences, Best Practice and ideas for improving the responsiveness and resilience towards CBRNE-related incidents will be shared.

      Haaglanden Public Safety and the Dutch Fire department will perform live demonstrations of innovative products that have been developed within the REACT project. This project is intended to improve emergency response to CBRNE incidents in the International Zone in The Hague. This area is particularly susceptible to CBRNE emergencies as a result of housing and facilitation of international executives and officials. The project is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Hague.

      Since VFA was a prominent participant in the REACT project there will also be a demonstration of an innovation that has been developed by VFA. VFA participated in the cluster” Development of CBRN Defence Capabilities”. A very powerful and flexible air purification unit is the result. This air purification unit can be used for circulating and filtering the air in a building or specific indoor area after heavy smoke development or after dissemination of certain hazardous substances has occurred. This way, distribution of dangerous substances throughout the premises can be controlled, accelerating disinfection of the environment.

      Additionally, by installing the technology on the air inlet of a building, preventive action can be taken by using high quality filtration for constant or occasional protection against air borne threats.

      The demonstration of the VFA innovation takes place on May, 21ts. On May, 22nd, founder ir Eliane Khoury will give an explanation of the system and its applications. Furthermore, on May, 22nd workshops will be organized and also will there be speakers from the police department of Haaglanden, UK Police National CBRN Centre, RIVM and Dutch Forensic Institute.

      Time/date for demonstration of VFA innovation: May, 21st 13.45-16.30
      Time/date for explanation of VFA’s innovative air purification system: May, 22nd 11.00-11.30

      On the website www.cbrneeurope.com you can find more information about this exclusive event.
      Also you can register free of charge via www.cbrneeurope.com. Finally, you can contact us for questions and more information.

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