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Ballast Nedam Brink ASPRA

Partner Brink Climate Systems introduces the ‘Pure Air’ concept together with Ballast Nedam. The concept is equipped with ASPRA technology and fits the need for people to live healthier. In addition to eating and drinking healthy, this concept now offers healthy air.

The concept builds on Trias Vitalis, achieving a healthy living environment in three steps:

  1. Eliminate harmful environmental influences;
  2. Introduce healthy air in your home;
  3. Check the changes.

What does this mean for your home?

  • The home is free from gas, energy-neutral and does not emit particulate matter and CO2 from burning fossil fuels locally;
  • The home conditions the indoor air;
  • The home monitors and controls the air quality.

The Pure Air concepts purifies and humidifies the air before it enters your home. It consists out of a balanced ventilation system with a heat exchange unit and CO2 controls, such as the Flair 300, improving the air quality in your home significantly.

To achieve an optimal air quality, the system is combined with the Brink Pure induct and the Brink Evap air humidifier. The Pure induct is equipped with the ASPRA technology of VFA Solutions.

The Pure induct makes clean ventilation possible, while air pollution remains outdoors. It is a smart ionization system, that ‘charges’ particulate matter, which makes it stick to a ‘collector’. All inlet ventilation air will be free of particulate matter. Next, the air is sent through the Evap air humidifier, where the purified air receives the ideal humidity level.

Adding the Pure Air Concept to your home provides you with the optimal air quality in your home.

Air like nature intended!

The first concrete application of Pure Air is within the area development of the Groene Loper in Maastricht. Ballast Nedam Development is building 1.000 homes and apartments within the next few years. An impressing building project, creating a new city section for the city of Maastricht. Sales of phase 1, partial plan Laan van Bellevue, started September 26th. Please look at for more information.


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