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      Sports is proven to have a positive effect on our health and immune system. However, it is not recommended to engage in aerobic activity nearby sources of air pollution. Both indoor air as well outdoor air in urban areas often contain unhealthy concentrations of traffic and industry related air pollution. Indoor sources can vary as sport activities increase the metabolism and breathing, which results in the increase of aerosols emissions. In poorly ventilated sport facilities, the increase of aerosol concentration can result in substantial increase in risk of infections (e.g. SARS-Cov-2), reduced performance, discomfort and unpleasant of sweat smells.

      Therefore, it is essential to prevent people from being exposed to air pollution during exercise.

      Working out in an environment with a high pollution rate is not advisable, because a larger fraction of the inhaled air enters through the mouth when working out. As a result, the filtration mechanisms in the nose are not used and air pollution goes directly to your lungs. Secondly, the increased speed of breathing causes pollutants to reach deeper into the lungs.

      In addition to removing indoor air pollutants, other aspects of IAQ should be paid attention to as well. Have you ever exercised when it was too hot? Or when the air was too stale or dry? If you have ever experienced this, you will know that these problems have a negative impact on physical and even mental performance.

      Especially people with asthma or another chronic lung disease, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes will benefit from clean and healthy air during sportive activity. We believe that every sports centre should provide its clients with healthy indoor air quality for optimal performance. Add that extra distinctive element to your sports and health centre and see the benefits for yourself.

      For scientific insight of the problem and solution, see Clima 2022 – Fight COVID with proper and smart ventilation and purification – i-Vention

      What can VFA air purification offer you?

      • Remove particulate matter from the air (from indoor or outdoor air)
      • Preventing odor nuisance (from indoor or outdoor air)
      • Filtration optimalisation
      • Indoor air quality optimalisation (ISO class increase)
      • Remove germs from the air (microbes, bacteria, viruses)
      • Improve indoor climate (HVAC)
      • Reduce emissions (e.g. parking garages)
      • Energy savings
      • Remove buidling dust from the air

      Common air quality issues in sport centres and our solutions

      Lack of fresh air

      In places where many people gather together, like sport centres, lack of fresh air can often significantly increase CO2 levels. The result is people feeling tired and hazy, causing headaches, irritated eyes and more. The only solution is taking out stuffy air and bringing in fresh air.

      Polluted outdoor air

      As most sport centres are located in urban areas and near highways it is a challenge to maintain sufficient ventilation without harming people with air pollutants from outside. Prevent this from happening by purifying outdoor air before transporting it indoors and by recirculating and purifying the air in the room.

      Unpleasant smells

      Undesirable and unwanted smells, in the sport facility itself or in the changing rooms, can be very annoying for visitors and personnel. Depending on the severity of the odours VFA has various solutions to either eliminate or absorb the smells.

      Reduce maintenance costs

      All businesses care about maintenance costs. All VFA Solutions products offer easy and low cost maintenance. The collector parts are easy to replace and are more economical than a comparable HEPA filter.

      Reduce energy costs

      One of the unique selling points of our technology is its very low pressure drop. Low pressure drop means less energy is consumed. Therefore, all VFA Solutions products are more energy efficient than conventional air filters. An additional advantage of a low pressure drop is the ability to clean larger volumes of air with a smaller device.

      Selection of suggested air purifiers

      Here you will find a small selection of our products. Of course the advice differs per situation. VFA is therefore happy to offer you personal and non-binding advice for your air quality issue.

      Indoor air purification

      • ASPRA Aura (recirculation of particles and optional gas and odor cleaning in the room)
      • ASPRA Ceiling (recirculation of particles and optional gas and odor cleaning above the suspended ceiling)

      Inlet and emission air purification

      • ASPRA S INduct (particles and / or gas and odor purification in the ventilation duct, for max. 600 m³ / hour)
      • ASPRA XL10.000 INduct (particles and / or gas and odor purification in the ventilation duct / LBK, multiple of 10.000 m³ / hour)
      • Ventilation system with ASPRA air purification (emission of CO2, inlet of purified air, contact us for personal advice)