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      Public buildings

      Public buildings often house large amount of people. Large groups of people convert oxygen in the room into carbon dioxide (CO2). They also raise the temperature in the room and create particulate matter through moving around (originating from clothing). This all decreases the indoor air quality.

      Public buildings are mainly build in busy city centres, which are high traffic areas with high traffic soot concentrations. This makes it difficult to keep the indoor air quality high. When ventilating in these areas, you transport polluted outdoor air indoors and hereby decrease instead of increase the indoor air quality.

      When poor indoor air quality is combined with large groups of people, you reduce the chance of a disease spreading. By recirculating and purifying the air in the room(s), the airborne pollutions (viruses and bacteria for example) will be removed from the air. This creates a reduction in airborne pollution and reduces the chance of infection.

      Apply recirculation and ventilation

      • Recirculation
        Recirculate and purify the indoor air. Reduce the spread of diseases and increase the indoor air quality (IAQ).
      • Ventilation
        Ventilate spaces where large groups of people are present so there is a healthy oxygen and carbon dioxide level. Regularly ventilating (letting out stuffy air and letting in clean and purified outdoor air) creates healthy indoor air and an increased general comfort.

      In a public space, it is important to apply recirculation and ventilation. Because the air quality, the facilities of the building and the facilities of the ventilation is different in each building, VFA Solutions advices to contact us for a personal advice. Hereby, we can offer you the best solution for your specific air quality issues.

      What can VFA air purification offer you?

      • Remove particulate matter from the air (from indoor or outdoor air)
      • Preventing odor nuisance (from indoor or outdoor air)
      • Filtration optimalisation
      • Indoor air quality optimalisation (ISO class increase)
      • Remove germs from the air (microbes, bacteria, viruses)
      • Improve indoor climate (HVAC)
      • Reduce emissions (e.g. parking garages)
      • Energy savings
      • Remove buidling dust from the air

      Common air quality issues in public buildings and our solutions

      Polluted outdoor air

      As most public buildings are located in urban areas and near highways it is a challenge to maintain sufficient ventilation without harming visitors and employees with air pollutants from outside. Prevent this from happening by purifying outdoor air before transporting it indoors and by recirculating and purifying the air in the room.

      Lack of fresh air

      In places where many people gather together, like public buildings, lack of fresh air can often significantly increase CO2 levels. The result is people feeling tired and hazy, causing headaches, irritated eyes and more. The only solution is taking out stuffy air and bringing in fresh air.

      Polluted indoor air

      Indoor pollution is often less harmful than outdoor pollution. However, sometimes the pollution source is located indoors. Think about printers, paper shredders or just people. In these cases, it is necessary to apply recirculation air purification..

      Reduce maintenance costs

      All businesses care about maintenance costs. All VFA Solutions products offer easy and low cost maintenance. The collector parts are easy to replace and are more economical than a comparable HEPA filter.

      Reduce energy costs

      One of the unique selling points of our technology is its very low pressure drop. Low pressure drop means less energy is consumed. Therefore, all VFA Solutions products are more energy efficient than conventional air filters. An additional advantage of a low pressure drop is the ability to clean larger volumes of air with a smaller device

      Selection of suggested air purifiers

      Here you will find a small selection of our products. Of course the advice differs per situation. VFA is therefore happy to offer you personal and non-binding advice for your air quality issue.

      Indoor air purification

      • ASPRA Aura (recirculation of particles and optional gas and odor cleaning in the room)
      • ASPRA Ceiling (recirculation of particles and optional gas and odor cleaning above the suspended ceiling)

      Inlet and emission air purification

      • ASPRA S INduct (particles and / or gas and odor purification in the ventilation duct, for max. 600 m³ / hour)
      • ASPRA XL10.000 INduct (particles and / or gas and odor purification in the ventilation duct / LBK, multiple of 10.000 m³ / hour)