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      Sport and education

      Clean and healthy air is important, especially when you exercise or for young children. VFA Solutions offers ASPRA air purifiers that clean the air very effectively (99.9%), so that you can exercise without worry and children can keep their attention on learning.

      Below is a brief overview of different sectors. The individual pages look in more detail at the specific air quality problems of the relevant industry and the solutions that VFA Solutions can offer.

      If your industry is not listed below, please contact us so we can provide a solution to your air quality problem.


      What can ASPRA air purification offer you?

      • Remove germs from the air (including microbes, bacteria, viruses)
      • Preventing odor nuisance
      • Remove particulate matter from the air (from indoor and outdoor air)
      • Filtration Optimization
      • Energy saving
      • Filter cost savings (extend HEPA tool life when used for the HEPA filter)
      • Indoor air quality optimization (IAQ, ISO class increase)