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      Hospitals are more likely to have higher concentrations of airborne pollutants, unfortunately the consequences of polluted air are also more severe. Many patients have a weakened immune system and employees are more vulnerable due to higher exposure time.

      Every hospital is governed by fixed protocols for hygiene, air treatment and daily operations aimed at preventing problems with airborne pollutants and their effects. Nevertheless, indoor air related calamities do occur on a regular base, simply because of the difficulty to control all factors involved. By calamities we mean, airborne infection outbreaks, dust and fungi outbreaks during renovations, high concentrations of ultrafine particulate matter originating from traffic and industry, and bad smells. It can be very time consuming and sometimes nearly impossible to solve these problems using conventional methods such as central filtration and isolation. Therefore VFA presents its solutions for hospitals.

      Add Prevention and Control

      • Prevention
        Increase the general indoor air quality (IAQ) and reduce the chance on indoor air related issues.
      • Control
        Contain and solve indoor air quality issues effectively.

      In hospitals it is important to apply prevention and control. Because the air quality, the interior of the building and the ventilation system is different in each building, VFA Solutions advises to contact us for personal advice. Hereby, we can offer you the best solution for your specific air quality issues.


      What can VFA air purification offer you?

      • Remove germs from the air (microbes, bacteria, viruses)
      • Preventing odor nuisance (from indoor or outdoor air)
      • Remove particulate matter from the air (from indoor or outdoor air)
      • Filtration optimalisation
      • Energy savings
      • Indoor air quality optimalisation (ISO class increase)
      • Remove buidling dust from the air

      Common air quality issues in hospitals and our solutions

      Infection outbreak prevention

      Infection outbreaks are prevented by eliminating dust, viruses and fungi concentration indoors by continually purifying indoor air and air in ventilation shafts.

      Infection outbreak control

      Once an outbreak has been determined fast reaction and monitoring can reduce the impact drastically. By purifying the outlet air of isolation rooms and purifying and recirculating the air in the patient rooms and halls, an outbreak can be contained to a minimum.

      Dust and fungus outbreaks during renovation

      Hospitals are especially vulnerable during renovations due to spread of particles between rooms. By strategically placing Clean Air solutions with high capacity, unwanted spread of harmful particles between rooms is limited.

      Purify polluted outdoor air

      As most hospitals are located in urban areas and near highways it is a challenge to maintain sufficient ventilation without harming patients with air pollutants from outside. Prevent this from happening by purifying outdoor air before transporting it indoors and by recirculating and purifying the air in the room.

      Odour removal

      Many rooms and departments in the hospital are subject to odour nuisance. Think for example about the oncology department and the liver stomach intestine department. Remove odours from the air and create a more comfortable environment.

      Meeting Hospital Standards

      There are many different standards for IAQ in hospitals. The most well-known are ISO and FED STD class. With VFA air purifiers you can easily reach these necessary standards.

      Reduce maintenance costs

      All businesses care about maintenance costs. All VFA Solutions products offer easy and low cost maintenance. The collector parts are easy to replace and are more economical than a comparable HEPA filter.

      Selection of suggested air purifiers

      Here you will find a small selection of our products. Of course the advice differs per situation. VFA is therefore happy to offer you personal and non-binding advice for your air quality issue.

      Indoor air purification

      • ASPRA Aura (recirculation of particles and optional gas and odor cleaning in the room)
      • ASPRA Ceiling (recirculation of particles and optional gas and odor cleaning above the suspended ceiling)

      Inlet and emission air purification