Correctly implementing air purification in the logistic industry will not only provide clean air, but also high cost reductions.

A large section of the costs in the logistic industry is linked to the time it takes a container to degas before the container can be unloaded. Currently, containers are often opened and being degassed in a week. Worst case scenario, the containers must be degassed by an external company, resulting in high expenses or the cargo is affected by the humidity of the outdoor air. By using the solution VFA offers, containers can be degassed in a matter of hours and at your own loading dock, instead of in 1-1.5 weeks and at an external location. As a result, your transport will be more efficient and take up less time.

Air contaminations such as particulate matter, traffic soot and pollen produce a lot of dust on products and packaging, resulting in high cleaning costs. By implementing air purification on the right locations, you create healthy low dust indoor air and reduce cleaning costs.


What can VFA air purification offer you?

  • Remove particulate matter from the air (originating from inside and outside air)
  • Remove odours and gases from the air (originating from inside and outside air) 
  • Remove EtO (ethylene oxide) from the air
  • Climate optimalisation (HVAC)
  • Indoor and outdoor sensors (IAQ sensors)
  • EtO sensors
  • Filtration optimization
  • Reduce energy costs

Air purification advantages

  • Degas containers on location
  • Reduce degas time to on average several hours
  • Air purification energy reduction due to low pressure drop filters
  • Reduce cleaning costs
  • Reduce dust accumulation on products, packaging and equipment
  • Prevent odour transfer between products
  • Remove unwanted smells
  • Comply to occupational health and safety legislation

Air purifiers with unique features:

  • Fresh air when needed
  • Continuous clean air
  • Efficient filtration of fine particulate matter, ultrafine and nano particles
  • Permanent removal of toxic vapours caused by the use of chemicals
  • Fast removal of unpleasant smells and odours
  • Very energy efficient

Common air quality issues in the logistic industry and our solutions

Polluted outdoor air

Heavy traffic near logistics centres create a lot of air pollution. Avoid polluted indoor air by first cleaning outdoor air before bringing it inside and recirculate the air in the room.

Reduce degas time

Degas your containers on location by using the solution VFA offers and reduce the degas time to a matter of hours instead of weeks. Resulting in efficient and less time consuming transport.

Prevent odour transfer between products

Prevent odour transfer between products by using VFA air purification. Hereby, you do not need to store your products separately any more.

Reduce dust accumulation and cleaning costs

Dust accumulation is at the base of high cleaning costs and can cause damage to your products, packaging or equipment. Reduce the dust accumulation on your products, packaging and equipment by applying air purification in your warehouse and workstations.

Reduce maintenance costs

All businesses care about maintenance costs. All VFA Solutions products offer easy and low cost maintenance. The collector parts are easy to replace and are more economical than a comparable HEPA filter.

Selection of suggested air purifiers

Here you will find a small selection of our products. Of course the advice differs per situation. VFA is happy to offer you personal and non-binding advice for your air quality issue.

Indoor air purification


  • ASPRA Aura (recirculation of particles and optional gas and odor cleaning in the room)
  • ASPRA Ceiling (recirculation of particles and optional gas and odor cleaning above the suspended ceiling)


  • ASPRA L-C (recirculation air purification of particles, gases and odour)
  • Dock solutions (recirculation air purification of particles, gases and odour, contact us)

Inlet and emission air purification

  • ASPRA EcoVent (particle, gas and odor purification in the ventilation duct)
  • ASPRA XL10.000 INduct (particles and / or gas and odor purification in the ventilation duct / LBK, multiple of 10.000 m³ / hour)

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