Outdoor air frequently feels clean and fresh, but this is not always true. The maritime industry is a large source of air pollution, because they use diesel combustion engines. This creates large amounts of particulate matter and carbon particles. These particles are the most dangerous for your health.

Outdoor air will always get in contact with indoor air, either by opening windows and doors or through cracks and holes in the boat. When the outdoor air is more polluted than the indoor air, you will need to apply air purification to ensure a healthy indoor air quality. Recirculated air purification is the ideal solution for this situation.

Air purifiers with unique features:

  • Fresh air when needed
  • Continuous clean air
  • Efficient filtration of fine particulate matter, ultrafine and nano particles
  • Permanent removal of toxic vapours caused by the use of chemicals
  • Fast removal of unpleasant smells and odours
  • Very energy efficient

Common air quality issues in the maritime industry and our solutions

Polluted outdoor air

Polluted outdoor air can be purified before it reaches your indoor space by implementing air purification in your ventilation system or by applying recirculation air purification in the individual compartments.

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