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      Compliance with governmental legislation is obligatory, however it is important that both investment and maintenance costs are kept as low as possible in order to keep margins intact. Our technologies are designed to merge optimal performance with low cost of ownership, making them the perfect solution for poultry farms.

      • Our solutions can be used for source removal, resulting in decreased indoor concentrations (outdoor emissions will then automatically decrease). This way, the animals are protected as well, which could lead to higher productivity.
      • Our solutions could also function as an end of pipe filter, cleaning the air at the outlet.
      • Our technologies are energy efficient, easy in maintenance and clean (no disposables).

      If your business has to comply with legislation on PM emissions, please contact us. We can deliver state-of-the-art technology allowing the farmers to focus on production instead of legislation and compliance.

      What can VFA air purification offer you?

      • Remove dust from indoor (and outdoor) air
      • Remove germs from the indoor and/or outdoor air (including microbes, bacteria, viruses, endotoxins)
      • Remove odours from the air 
      • Filtration optimization
      • Reduce energy costs
      • Reduce exploitation costs

      Air purifiers with unique features:

      • Fresh air when needed
      • Continuous clean air
      • Efficient filtration of fine particulate matter, ultrafine and nano particles
      • Permanent removal of toxic vapours caused by the use of chemicals
      • Fast removal of unpleasant smells and odours
      • Very energy efficient

      Common air quality issues in the agriculture industry and our solutions

      Infection outbreak prevention

      Infection outbreaks are prevented by eliminating dust, viruses and fungi concentration indoors by continually purifying indoor air and air in ventilation shafts.

      Infection outbreak control

      The agriculture industry is subject to many virus outbreaks. In order to reduce the spread of viruses and contain it to a minimum, it is necessary to recirculate and purify the air.


      Unpleasant smells

      Undesirable and unwanted smells can be very annoying for personnel and neighbours in the area. Depending on the severity of the odours VFA has various solutions to either eliminate or absorb the smells.

      Governmental emission legislation

      Governmental legislation is often the most important reason for companies and institutions to tackle their indoor air quality problems. By working closely together with our clients we can achieve the needed concentration limits. VFA has a successful track record in reaching demanded standards for hospitals (ISO class, FED STD class 1000), warehouses (Ethylene oxide (EtO)), poultry farms (emission of PM10), and kindergartens (low concentration of PM10 and PM2.5).

      Reduce maintenance costs

      All businesses care about maintenance costs. All VFA Solutions products offer easy and low cost maintenance. The collector parts are easy to replace and are more economical than a comparable HEPA filter.

      Reduce energy costs

      One of the unique selling points of our technology is its very low pressure drop. Low pressure drop means less energy is consumed. Therefore all VFA Solutions products are more energy efficient than conventional air filters. An additional advantage of a low pressure drop is the ability to clean larger volumes of air with a smaller device.

      Selection of suggested air purifiers

      Here you will find a small selection of our products. Of course the advice differs per situation. VFA is happy to offer you personal advice for your air quality issue.

      Indoor air purification


      • ASPRA Aura (recirculation of particles and optional gas and odor cleaning in the room)
      • ASPRA Ceiling (recirculation of particles and optional gas and odor cleaning above the suspended ceiling)

      Agricultural section

      • ASPRA Agro (recirculation air purification of particles)
      • ASPRA PMC (recirculation air purification of particles, optional gases and odour)

      Inlet and emission air purification

      • ASPRA EcoVent (particle, gas and odor purification in the ventilation duct)
      • ASPRA XL10.000 INduct (particles and / or gas and odor purification in the ventilation duct / LBK, multiple of 10.000 m³ / hour)