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VFA Solutions improves and optimises the air quality in various industries. VFA always offers a suitable solution by focussing on the optimal product-market combination. A selection of different industries can be viewed below. Of course it is possible to implement VFA air purifiers in other markets. VFA Solutions is an engineering company and we are highly specialised in creating custom air purification solutions. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Take a look at the individual pages for more information on the specific air quality issues within each industry and the solutions VFA Solutions can offer.

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VFA Soluitons Virus Free Air

Corona virus

Do you want to remove the Corona virus COVID-19 from the air? Our ASPRA air purifiers offer virus free air and are very suited to remove the Corona virus COVID-19 and to limit the spread.

Depending on your situation, we can offer various solutions.
Contact us for a personal product advice.

Click here to download the flyer on how to remove Corona from the air