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      The ASPRA PMC air purifier of VFA Solutions is selected for the SME Top 100 of the Chamber of Commerce (in Dutch MKB Top 100). This list shows 100 of the most tangible innovations that have been realised by Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises in 2017. The Chamber of Commerce recognizes the ASPRA PMC air purifier as one of 100 most tangible innovations of 2017.  

      The exact position within the SME Top 100 will be finalized by a jury, chaired by Ruud Koornstra, in September. Then it will become clear which place the ASPRA PMC has conquered in this list.

      While selecting innovations for the Top 100, the jury paid attention to the impact for the industry and society, originality, availability, realised revenue and growth potential.

      Below, you can find the text on the ASPRA PMC as it is listed in the SME Top 100.

      The ASPRA PMC air purifier
      Because air pollution and particulate matter are so dangerous for human and environment, health and safety services and environmental legislation increasingly demand stricter air quality requirements.  VFA Solutions is a specialist in air treatment, air purification and (indoor) air quality. VFA Solutions has developed the ASPRA PMC specifically for the industrial and commercial market. An air purifier that is highly effective, maintenance-friendly and sustainable for a healthy and comfortable working environment and clean environment.

      From course dust to nano particles
      The ASPRA PMC removes particulate matter (PM), including course dust and ultrafine particles from the air. Scientific research and practical tests show the ASPRA PMC removes all atmospheric particles in the range of PM10, PM2.5 and even PM1 from the air. Additionally, the technology is highly effective in removing ultrafine particles and nano-particles including microbes and viruses. This powerful air purifier easily removes large dust concentrations from large amounts of air and collects it in a collection reservoir and on special collectors. The air purifier is very suited for application in the manufacturing industry, manufacturing halls, agricultural sector, distribution centres, public facilities, climbing halls and gymnastic halls. The filtration efficiency of the ASPRA PMC is 99%, with a capacity of 10.000 m3/h. It is applicable as recirculation and / or end of pipe solution in both existing as new facilities / installations.

      Other benefits
      Unlike conventional filters, in addition to the high filtration efficiency, the ASPRA PMC has many additional benefits: Due to the low air resistance, the energy consumption of the ASPRA PMC is much lower. Because of the 2-fase air filtration, it also contains a self-cleaning mechanism. The device is maintenance-friendly and the collectors need to be replaced less frequently. Resulting in low user costs. Furthermore, this air purifier does not have microbal growth on the collectors, because they are made of 100% metal or plastic.

      View the registration of the ASPRA PMC on the website of the Chamber of Commerce or view the product page of the ASPRA PMC for more product data.

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