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      Sport activities increase the metabolism and breathing, which results in the increase of aerosols emissions. In purely ventilated sport facilities, the increase of aerosol concentration can result in substantial increase in:

      • Risk of infections (e.g. SARS-Cov-2),
      • reduced performance of sporters,
      • discomfort,
      • unpleasant of sweat smells.

      Upon the start of COVID outbreak, recirculation air conditioning was also prevented as they may spread the viruses and increase the risk of infections. Not using air conditioning and cooling systems in such facilities can result in extra discomfort and poor performance due to too high temperatures.


      Many recent studies since the year 2020 confirm the importance of proper air quality through mechanical ventilation and air purification as mitigation strategy to reduce the risk of infections of SARS-CoV-2 (and other airborne pathogens).

      The ASPRA air purifiers and air filtration systems were therefore implemented in several sport facilities, regardless of the ventilation systems.

      Recircualtion. Stand alone and mobile ASPRA air purifiers were placed in the facilities and used closer to the sporters to allow fast purification and removal of all polluants including potential viruses before it spread in the facility.

      ASPRA Induct systems were connected to the air-conditioning systems to allow optimal purification of the air before it enters the air-conditioning systems.

      Aerosols concentrations were reduced > 60% using limited amount of ASPRA systems, even when the sport club was operating in full capacity. This resulted not only in clean and safe indoor environment but also comfortable environment since air-conditioning were declared safe to use as the air is 99,97% purified before it is recirculated in the facility.