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      VFA Solutions has been selected with partner Smits Agro as one of 10 suppliers for participation in a research into particulate matter reduction in (poultry) livestock farms. The Practical centre Emission reduction Livestock farming (PEV), which is part of the Poultry Expertise Centre (PEC), will research ten innovations that have been assessed as a potential for the reduction of particulate matter originating from poultry farms. The ASPRA Agro is one of them.

      An expert panel that consisted of an environmental advisor, a poultry owner, an employee of Wageningen Livestock Research, an employee of an Environmental service and a Climate Specialist of PTC+ made a selection out of 21 applications.

      While selecting the innovation, the focus was on the costs per animal per year (in relation to expected reduction), implementation in existing stables, the reduction of particulate matter and the improvement of the indoor climate. Project Manager Jan Workamp, who is not part of the expert panel, reports on Pluimveeweb.nl “We want to reach the key costs per animal per year, per 10 percent reduction.” He mentioned that it is approved that a technique that reduces more particulate matter also cost more.

      In September 2017, the first investigations will begin and will be announced which pilots will start at which moment. The supplier will install his innovative technique in a poultry stable. During the research, the PEV will perform measurements in these stables. The focus is on particulate matter and the poultry sector. Tac Rav will be involved in setting up the measurement plan, making sure the results can be used for inclusion in national regulations.

      View the product page of the ASPRA Agro air purifier for more information or contact our partner Smits Agro directly.


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