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      Air-Wave.org Protector 

      Particle filtration, suited for use against Corona / COVID-19

      Advantages of the Air-Wave.org Protector

      • Protection against COVID-19
      • Uses a medical grade filter (P3)
      • Re-usable
      • Breathe effortlessly through active supply and removal of air
      • Full face mask: covers mouth, nose and eyes
      • Positive pressure in mask, so no infiltration of outside air
      • Outgoing air filtration (E11 and M5 filter)
      • For doctors, nurses and other medical personnel
      • Clear communication between practitioner and patient or colleagues
      • Optional integrated prescription glasses (-1 to -6)
      • Cleanable with existing decontamination methods


      Product description


      The Air-Wave.org ProtectorTM mask features innovative 3D printed connectors on the top and bottom. The Powered Air Purifying Respirator tubing attaches to the Seahorse, or the connector on the top of the mask. This also serves as a pressure relief valve to keep the positive pressure in the mask comfortable for the user. The exhaled air leaves the mask through the Trumpet, the 3D-printed connector at the bottom of the mask. The exhaled air is filtered and released to the environment by means of a double filter layer which in filter efficiency is equal to P2. The filters in the mask’s 3D printed connectors have a replacement cycle of up to 7 days.


      PAPR stands for Powered Air Purifying Respirator and is a portable and motor-driven ventilator that allows a constant supply of sufficient filtered air (P3) into the mask of the Air-Wave.org ProtectorTM . The P3 filter in the PAPR has a long-term use of a maximum of 6 months with average use, up to 2 months with intensive use.

      Air flow

      The PAPR actively sucks in air which is filtered by a P3 filter. The filtered air goes through the air tube to the mask and flows through the eye chamber to the mouth chamber. The user can breathe freely without obstructions due to the prevailing positive pressure. The exhaled air then exits the mask through the trumpet at the bottom of the mask. The positive pressure in the mask is kept at a comfortable and safe pressure by means of the Seahorse coupling on the top of the mask which also serves as a pressure relief valve. Air will flow out to the surrounding area by means of a filter.

      If you want to know more about the filters for the Air-Wave.org Protector, please visit our filter page.

      Contact us for more information or visit the site of Air-Wave.org.


      • Corona department
      • Operating room
      • Nursing ward
      • Hospitals
      • Nursing homes
      • Dental practices

      The Air-Wave.org Protector removes:

      • Microbiological contamination (viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores & pollen)
      • Ultrafine Particulate Matter (submicron- and nano-particles)
      • Particulate Matter (PM10, PM2.5, PM1)
      • Dust


      For Air-Wave.org Protector™: Initiators are active in industry and healthcare. Due to the scarcity of mouth masks in healthcare, they have jointly investigated whether existing protection solutions within the industry can offer an alternative solution. On this basis, the initiators have put together a set, consisting of a PAPR filter that is connected to a snorkel mask via a 3-d printed connector. Updates and new designs will be uploaded here as soon as they are ready and have been tested. Initiators have tested the system themselves and are confident that it will work. However, the system has not been tested or certified and does not have any (safety) standards. Initiators have made an effort to come up with a good solution quickly, but cannot give any guarantee on this. Anyone who wants a guarantee or certainty must have the system tested and standardised by an authorised testing institute.