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      Research of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands (RIVM) shows airplanes that take off at Schiphol create high ultrafine particulate matter concentrations on and around Schiphol. The outcome supports the research of TNO published last year. The RIVM indicates it cannot be ruled out that concentrations of ultrafine particulate matter – miniscule dust particles that can penetrate deep into the body –  have harmful effects on health.

      Science however, has shown particulate matter and ultrafine particulate matter cause health risks from irritation, allergies, respiratory diseases, asthma and even in the worst case cancer. The rule of thumb is the smaller the particle, the more harmful it is to your health.  The RIVM indicates they want to carry out additional research into the composition of ultrafine particles around Schiphol before coming to a conclusion.

      Nevertheless, it is advisable to apply indoor air purification. American researchers have demonstrated this year that reducing particulate matter concentrations by 25% already create a major health benefit. Air purification can be implemented in different ways: you can add air purification in your mechanical ventilation (INduct) or you can implement a stand-alone air purifier (Recirculation).

      If you are in doubt if you need air purification, we can perform air quality measurements in your rooms/building to identify the current air quality situation. During these air quality measurements, we measure the concentration and levels of particulate matter, ultrafine particulate matter, gases and emissions and much more. We will also look at how your building influences the indoor air quality. The results will be combined in a report, providing you with an overview of your current indoor air quality situation and if it is necessary to implement an air purifier.


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