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      The Yale University has developed an air quality world map, which displays the particulate matter concentration (PM2.5) all over the world. You can zoom in on the map up to an area of 10 by 10 km.

      The map shows the air quality all over the world in detail. The values on the map represent the PM2.5 particulate matter concentration. These are particulates that are smaller than 2.5 micrometre. In comparison, a human hair is on average 20x as thick as one PM2.5 particle.

      Researchers have previously showed that the smaller a particle is, the more harmful it is for your health. PM2.5 particulates are so small they can even reach your bloodstream and brains, where they can cause health risks up to death. Exposure to as small concentrations of particulate matter is therefore advisable. Recent research has shown a reduction of particulate matter in even the cleanest areas (Europe) will result in health advantages.

      Below, you can find a static picture of the world map developed by Yale. On the Yale website you can zoom in to your own location in detail.

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