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      The VMM (Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij) organizes a study day on Belgian air quality and citizen science in Belgium on November 13th. Would you like to participate? Register here for free (free participation, registration required, all presentations will be in Dutch).

      During this day, VMM will look at the current state of affairs and what it means to measure air quality with citizens. VITO discusses the ATMOStreet Model, which calculates the air quality in Flanders at street level per hour and the RIVM creates clarity within in the chaos of air quality sensors.

      In addition, Leuvenair tells their story and the City of Ghent informs you about nitrogen dioxide measurements in Ghent. After a short break, a panel discussion on Citizen Science as a catalyst for social change will start and they day will end with an interactive wrap-up panel discussion. At the end of the day, a sandwich lunch is offered.


      Presentation: Katrien Smet (VMM)

      • 09.00 am: Reception and registration
      • 09.30 am: Welcome – Michiel Van Peteghem (VMM)
      • 09.40 am: Air quality in Flanders: where are we now? – Koen TotĂ© (VMM)
      • 10.00 am: Measuring together: what, why and how? – Christophe Stroobants (VMM)
      • 10.15 am: Know your street: the new ATMOStreet model – Bino Maiheu (VITO)
      • 10.30 am: Sensors and systems: see the trees through the forest. – Ernie Wijers (RIVM)
      • 10.45h: Citizens measure fine dust: the story of Leuvenair – Maarten Reyniers (Leuvenair)
      • 11.00 am: Measuring is knowing: nitrogen dioxide in Ghent – Heijke Rombaut (City of Ghent)
      • 11.15h: Pause
      • 11.40 am: Citizen science as a catalyst for social change
        Panel discussion with Alex Verhoeven (VVSG) – Jan Adriaenssens (IMEC) – Michiel Van Oudheusden (KUL, SCK-CEN) – Tim Nawrot (UHasselt) – Michiel Van Peteghem (VMM) – David Knight (Dept. Environment)
      • 12.20h: Interactive wrap-up panel discussion
      • Following: sandwich lunch



      You can register here (Participation is free, but registration is mandatory)

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