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      ASPRA technologyProper ventilation and air filtration is a challenge in most buildings. Standard filters which are supplied along with the ventilation system or HVAC have limited effectivity against most hazardous pollutants such as small particles, mainly the PM1 and ultrafine particles. Furthermore, they clog up quickly, which lead to a decrease in air flow and an increase in carbon dioxide concentrations (CO2) inside the building. The result, employees suffer from headaches, irritations, fatigue and become less alert or productive. In addition to the impact on health, the saturation and clogging of those conventional filters with time, means an increasing resistance to airflow, resulting in an increase in energy consumption and potentially higher noise levels.

      Especially for these reasons, VFA Solutions has developed the ASPRA XL INduct. The collectors (particle filters) in this air purifier do not clog up, hereby realizing a constant air flow. The air purifier is very effective in removing particles from the air. Think of viruses, bacteria, pollen, allergens, course particles, particulate matter as PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and even ultrafine particles and nano-particles. This with an efficiency of 99%, even for ultrafine <0.1 micron particles!


      The ASPRA XL INduct is an air purifier which can be scaled easily. Because of this, even an entire building can be supplied with clean and purified air. The air purifier will be installed behind the ventilation system / HVAC. Integration in the ventilation system / HVAC is possible, as well as external housing on the roof.

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