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      Research from the National University of Singapore shows perceived and measured air pollution is affecting the behaviour of office staff. High air pollution rates makes office staff less giving or engaged and is linked to higher counterproductive workplace behaviour.

      The research followed 161 full-time employees across different industries over two weeks. Participants identified “their perceptions of pollution levels, their levels of mental resources, as well as organisational citizenship and counterproductive workplace behaviours.”. Additionally, the data was linked to actual air quality data.

      Results show the perception of high air pollution levels in the workplace, as well as actual high air pollution levels, result in an increase of counterproductive workplace behaviour. Providing employees with clean and healthy air and making healthy air quality visible, will benefit your business and result in a more productive workplace behaviour.

      VFA Solutions can assist you by providing air purifiers, which remove 97-99% of the air pollution from the air and provide clean and healthy air. Implementing units from either the Recirculation (stand-alone or ceiling) or INduct (ceiling) series, does not only provide you with clean and healthy air, but also makes air purification visible and creates awareness among the employees. Hereby reducing counterproductive workplace behaviour linked to (perceived) air pollution levels in the workplace. Take a look at our products or contact us for more information.



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