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      China Air Pollution VFA Solutions

      Research shows air pollution in China kills 1.6 Million Chinese every year. On average, 4.400 Chinese die each day due to polluted air.

      The non-profit climate organisation Berkeley Earth has researched 4 months of data, originating from 1.500 locations in China, South Korea and Taiwan. Results show 17% of all deaths in China are related to polluted air.

      The study mentions 92% of the Chinese population breaths in more than “120 hours of unhealthy air” and 38% regularly breaths in unhealthy air.

      Power plants and fossile fuels for heating homes and facturies are the main pollutants. Particles originating from these sources are so small (ultrafine particulate matter), they can easily enter your lungs and bloodstream and cause asthma and heart diseases.


      Source: Time

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