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      In 2014, the GGD Haaglanden researched the air quality around schools, day-care centres and elderly homes in The Hague. This research showed 82 of these locations (10% in total) were marked as ‘sensitive destinations’, as they are located next to high traffic roads. Due to the high traffic on these roads, for example the Laan van Meerdervoort, the Sportlaan and the Apeldoornselaan, the air pollution on these locations is higher compared to other measured locations in The Hague. This is alarming, due to the fact children and elderly are extra vulnerable for air pollutions. The GGD mentions schools, day-care centres and elderly homes should not be allowed to be set-up at these kind of locations. They advise to take action to reduce the air pollution indoor and are testing the use of air cleaners to reduce the air pollution.

      Outdoor air pollution will always penetrate your indoor spaces, resulting in indoor air pollution. Reducing indoor air pollution is possible by reducing the outdoor air pollution or by reducing the indoor air pollution. In this situation, reducing the indoor air quality is possible by installing stand-alone air cleaners, by installing air purifiers in your existing ventilation system or by applying air purification in a complete new ventilation system. When the size of the room, the capacity of the air cleaner and the kind of air pollution is attuned to each other, VFA Solutions products are able to remove 95% – 99% of the indoor air pollution. Take a look at our products or contact us for more information. If you are not sure how polluted your indoor air is, contact us to schedule indoor air quality measurements to see if you need to be using air purifiers in your building or facility.

      Source: GGD

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