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      The Lung Alliance Netherlands (LAN) indicates that in the Netherlands, 1 million people work with substances that can cause lung diseases. This includes welders, construction workers, painters, asbestos collectors and cleaners. The LAN mentions that of 4100 people who die annually from an occupational disease, 3300 die by working with dust. It is necessary to reduce dust in the workplace.

      The LAN, which is a collaboration between patient associations, lung specialists and health insurers, handed over a ten-point plan to the Lower House. It advocates more involvement of general practitioners, better labour inspections and an awareness campaign in all concerned sectors.

      A major problem, according to director Emiel Rolink, is the insufficient inspections by the health and safety service. Rolink mentions to NOS Radio 1 News “An average company is checked once every 25 years. By comparison, if speed is checked on a highway once every 25 years, everyone is speeding.”.

      Roling pleads for more supervision by the GP. The GP must know if a patient is working with high amounts of dust. Rolink also places responsibility at the company and the employee. The employee should work safer, for example by wearing a mouth cap when working with dust. In addition, companies should take an example of the fire department, who pays a lot of attention to the exposure of harmful agents and the prevention and reduction of these agents.

      In this regard, VFA Solutions can support you in achieving healthier working conditions. This starts with measuring and/or analyzing the actual harmful substances in the air and identifying what are you and your employees exposed to and in which extend? The VFA analysis will be followed by the solution. VFA Solutions will offer the suitable ASPRA air purifiers to allow you and your employees to breathe in clean and safe air, and hence, create a healthier work environment for you. Contact us for more information.


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