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      8 winter tips VFA Solutions

      Winter is coming and it is important to pay attention to your indoor air quality. Not only to prevent you from catching the flue easily, but also to create awareness of habits that decrease the indoor air quality of your home. Take a look at our top 8 tips on how to improve your indoor air quality during the Winter.

      1. Don’t stop ventilating

      During the winter you may be inclined to stop ventilating your home due to the cold temperatures outside. Regularly ventilating your home is a must for healthy indoor air. Ensure a continuous supply of fresh air through open vents and / or (valve) windows and make sure the air can flow throughout the house, through gaps under indoor doors or vents in doors and walls. The fresh air will reduce your CO2 levels, making you less drowsy, dizzy and tired. When your building is equipped with a ventilation system that imports outdoor air indoors, it is important to check the settings of your ventilation system every year. If your outdoor air is polluted due to for example busy traffic, we advise you to combine this tip with tip 8.

      1. Avoid or reduce the use of fireplaces

      In winter, many people light their fireplace. However, fireplaces and open fires produce large amounts of particulate matter. Particulate matter is harmful to your health and causes allergies, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, airway irritations, strokes and even cancer. Reducing the amount of particulate matter by avoiding or reducing the use of fireplaces or by implementing air purification in your home or workplace (see tip 8) is highly recommended.

      1. Balance your humidity level

      Humidity levels are reduced in the autumn and winter, making it easier for viruses to spread. Increasing the humidity to around 35-70% indoors will increase the indoor air quality, the comfort in your indoor space and reduce the spread of the diseases like the flue.

      1. Don’t smoke inside

      In winter, it may be tempting to smoke indoors due to rain, snow or the cold weather. However, secondhand cigarette smoke is not only harmful to your health, but also to those around you. Cigarette smoke contains over 4.000 chemicals and causes cancer, breathing problems, heart attacks and strokes. When smoking inside, you expose yourself and others to these health risks.

      1. Avoid or reduce the use of air fresheners and scented candles

      When you do not ventilate enough, your air can become thick or smelly and this can create discomfort. Often people turn to air fresheners or scented candles to masker this. Most people don’t know air fresheners and scented candles almost always emit high levels of chemicals into the air, also called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Unfortunately, many of the VOCs are harmful to your health.  Therefore, reduce or preferably avoid the use of air fresheners and scented candles and instead ventilate your room.

      1. Maintain your air handling unit

      It is important to maintain your air handling unit to ensure the best air quality for your space. This means in the first place replacing your filters on time and regularly. Next to this, it is important to regularly clean your ventilation ducts, depending on your pollution levels. Homes need to clean their ducts on average every 2 years and large buildings may need to clean the ducts up to every year. Additionally, check the capacity and your air flow every year.

      1. Maintain the hygiene of your space

      Maintaining the hygiene of your home, office or workplace is important for your health. In the basis, this includes removing dust in your room(s). Dust is a substance of particulate matter and can cause various health risks. Reducing the dust levels in your space will also make it more difficult for viruses to spread, as dust can easily transport viruses into your body when you breathe this in.

      1. Use air purifiers to purify your air and remove particulate matter, traffic pollution, viruses and more

      Homes and offices are often located near busy roads and highways. Traffic generates high levels of particulate matter, which causes allergies, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, airway irritations, strokes and even cancer. Reduce the health risks you are exposed to by implementing air purification. VFA Solutions air purifiers remove 97-99% of particles from the air, providing you with clean and healthy air. For implementation in your ventilation ducts, take a look at the ASPRA S INduct or other INduct air purifiers, for implementation as a stand-alone unit, take a look at the ASPRA Poco or other Recirculation air purifiers.


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