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      New research indicates that air quality not only influences health aspects, but also the productivity of employees. This research was carried out in China and shows that working efficiency can decrease by 6% when air pollution levels are high. 6% productivity loss can seem like no big deal, but when the difference in GPD is calculated, the significance becomes clear.

      The research was carried out in two Chinese callcentres in Shanghai and Nantong, the amount of loud conversations and break time were compared with air quality data. The results showed that productivity was 6% lower on high air pollutions days compared to low pollution days. This loss in working efficiency was seen not only during pollution exceeding global air quality norms, but also during pollution that is considered acceptable within air quality norms.

      When this result is compared to air quality data outside of China, one can conclude that poor air quality decreases productivity even in the West. Fortunately, the results also showed that the lower air pollution was, the smaller the loss in productivity turned out to be. It is therefore effective to strive for optimal air quality. The air cleaners by VFA Solutions can help you achieve this. If you want optimal air purification for your ventilation system, have a look at the ASPRA Induct air cleaners. In case your building is not equipped with a ventilation system, ASPRA Recirculation air cleaners are suitable.

      If you have any doubts about the air quality in your building or you want to receive a personal advice, do not hesitate to contact us.


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