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      air quality home vfa solutionsResearch shows that a healthy home is important for Europeans. However, 80 million Europeans live in houses that have too high humidity levels. These humidity levels reduce the indoor air quality and the overall comfort in the home, resulting in 6 out of 10 Europeans feeling concerned about the indoor air quality of the own home.

      A lot of homes are not ventilated properly, which causes high humidity levels and carbon dioxide levels. When these levels are too high, they will create unhealthy indoor air. Home owners do not ventilate often enough, because they are not aware of the ventilation frequency, or because they live in high polluted areas where the outdoor air is more polluted than the indoor air. City centres and areas next to high-ways are examples of such locations.

      To achieve a healthy indoor air quality, it is important to ventilate continually. It is best to ventilate through your ventilation system. If your home is not equipped with a ventilation system, you can achieve this by opening your ventilation grids above your windows and by regularly opening windows and doors. However, because many homes are situated in high polluted areas, it is important to purify the outdoor air that you bring indoors. You do not want to introduce outdoor particulate matter, microorganisms, viruses, bacteria or pollen to your indoor spaces.

      Applying air purification to your home is possible by using an INduct air purifier (placed directly after your current ventilation system/WTW system) or by using a Recirculation air purifier which can be placed anywhere in your home where you need air purification. Contact us for more information about this subject.