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ASPRA Air purification

Clean air everywhere

Effective purification with low pressure drop

Indoor air

VFA Solutions indoor air purifiers recirculate and purify the air in the room. The air purifiers are suited for everyone who has a need for a stand-alone air purifier.

Inlet air

Purify the inlet air with ASPRA INduct air purifiers by VFA Solutions. Designed for implementation in current ventilation  ducts and systems.


ASPRA INduct air purifiers by VFA Solutions purify emission air. Developed for implementation in current ventilation ducts and systems.


VFA Solutions develops, produces and sells the ASPRA air purifiers. Are you looking for a custom air purifier? Contact us for the possibilities.

The Services of VFA Solutions

Air quality measurements

Do you suspect you have an air quality problem, but you have no idea what the issue is? VFA Solutions can perform air quality measurements and advice to improve the air quality in your building.


Correctly installing air purifiers is as important as using air purifiers. When an air purifier is not installed properly, the effectiveness of the machine can decrease by over 50%. Correct placement is paramount.


The VFA Solutions air purifiers are almost maintenance free. Nevertheless, it is important to periodically maintain your appliance, to make sure your air purifier will keep producing clean and healthy air.


Dutch Poultry Expo – Particulate matter reduction, March 19-20th

Come and find out how the ASPRA Agro reduces particulate matter in the stable, which not only lowers the dust concentration in the stable and the dust emission, but is beneficial for the animals and the farmer as well. On March 19th and 20th, partner SmitsAgro will be...

Seminar Future Proof Climate Techniques, March 26th 2019

Energy performance of buildings must be increased and building owners and employers want a healthy indoor climate. But what are the latest developments and how can these be realized? And how can indoor environments be cooled? You can hear all of this at the climate...

The story behind VFA Solutions

VFA Solutions is a subsidiary from Virus Free Air and originates from the idea that clean healthy air is a right for everyone. In the beginning of the company, we discovered that there was no technique available which was actually effective, efficient and affordable. This has led to developing an own patented air purification technology which does meet these terms. The focus of the air purifiers of VFA Solutions resonates in our name; our air purifiers remove Viruses, Fine particualte matter and Allergens.

Through years of researching the aspects that affect air quality and continually developing and innovating our technology, we became an expert in air quality solutions. The strength of VFA Solutions is our knowledge. Our in-house knowledge makes it possible to switch quickly and to be able to always find a solution for any air quality problem.

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