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      Clean air

      Is a right for everyone


      High Efficiency Electrostatic Air Purification


      Indoor air

      VFA Solutions indoor air purifiers recirculate and purify the air in the room. The air purifiers are suited for everyone who has a need for a stand-alone air purifier.

      Inlet & emission air

      Purify incoming or outgoing air with ASPRA INduct air purifiers by VFA Solutions. Designed for implementation in current ventilation ducts and systems.


      VFA Solutions develops, produces and sells the ASPRA air purifiers. Are you looking for a custom air purifier? Contact us to discuss your possibilities.

      The Services of VFA Solutions

      Air quality measurements

      Do you suspect you have an air quality problem, but you have no idea what the issue is? VFA Solutions can perform air quality measurements and advice to improve the air quality in your building.


      Correctly installing air purifiers is as important as using air purifiers. When an air purifier is not installed properly, the effectiveness of the machine can decrease by over 50%. Correct placement is paramount.


      The VFA Solutions air purifiers are almost maintenance free. Nevertheless, it is important to periodically maintain your appliance, to make sure your air purifier will keep producing clean and healthy air.


      Nieuw bericht

      TNO heeft, in verband met de Corona pandemie, in november 2020 onderzocht of extra ventilatie in buurtbussen met een kuchscherm een vergelijkbaar aerosolniveau en mate van deeltjesverdunning kan realiseren als in de streekbus. Daarbij was tevens de vraag of een...