Clean healthy air

VFA Solutions removes Viruses, Fine particulate matter and Allergenes from the air
and is thé supplier of clean and healthy air solutions.

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Air purification

Permanently remove air pollution from the air

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From standard up to custom air purifiers and ventilation systems,
VFA Solutions will provide it all!

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VFA Air Cleaners

Recirculation Air cleaners

VFA Solutions Recirculation products are air purifiers, which continually recirculate and purify the air in the room. The air cleaners are suited for everyone who has a need for an individual air cleaner with a low energy consumption.

Recirculation air cleaners

INduct air cleaners

INduct air cleaners are developed by VFA Solutions to implement in current ventilation systems. Depending on the ventilation system, INduct air purifiers can purify the inlet or outlet air in the ventilation ducts.

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Ventilation systems

VFA Solutions offers complete ventilation systems, which replace your current ventilation system or are installed in a new building. All ventilation systems will be suited to your building and ventilation needs.

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The Services of VFA Solutions

Air quality measurements

Do you suspect you have an air quality problem, but you have no idea what the issue is? VFA Solutions can perform air quality measurements and advice to improve the air quality in your building.

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Correctly installing air purifiers is as important as using air purifiers. When an air purifier is not installed properly, the effectiveness of the machine can decrease by over 50%. Correct placement is paramount.

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The VFA Solutions air purifiers are almost maintenance free. Nevertheless, it is important to periodically maintain your appliance, to make sure your air purifier will keep producing clean and healthy air.

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The story behind VFA Solutions

VFA Solutions is a subsidiary from Virus Free Air and originates from the idea that clean healthy air is a right for everyone. In the beginning of the company, we discovered that there was no technique available which was actually effective, efficient and affordable. This has led to developing an own patented air purification technology which does meet these terms. The focus of the air purifiers of VFA Solutions resonates in our name; our air purifiers remove Viruses, Fine particualte matter and Allergens.

Through years of researching the aspects that affect air quality and continually developing and innovating our technology, we became an expert in air quality solutions. The strength of VFA Solutions is our knowledge. Our in-house knowledge makes it possible to switch quickly and to be able to always find a solution for any air quality problem.

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